Giligan's Island

Part of the Dry Forest Reserve, a few hundred meters offshore. Very popular, especially on the weekends.

Description from the publisher

Giligan's Island is one of the most popular beaches on the Island. A unique experience, you can only reach it by Ferry as it is located a few hundred meters off-shore (about a 5 minute boat trip). The beach itself is very well preserved and clean, and offers diverse areas for children and adults. The beach is part of the Dry Forest Reserve, and on the rear part of the facilities you can find a beautiful complex of mangrove channels. The most important of them is a two tunnel-like channels that take you to the outside part of the beach. You must have swimming skills because of the high underwater currents on one of these channels, so make sure you do not take the channels alone. Take the boats from the dock in the San Jacinto Restaurant.

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"Pasadia para la Isla de Giligan's "

"En un comienzo tuvimos una experiencia malisima con el personal del restaurant o del puerto ya que no orientan bien la las personas y mas si estan o van acompa

Jasmin Leon from Arecibo, PR - 11 years ago

"gilligan island "

the fery ride is relaxing it is not only romantic but fun for the kids you could explore the island but also nice to snorkle the water is not only clear crystal but beautiful and the sorrounding are clean and there is not need to take food since you could put and order at the restaurant and they will bring it up to the island for you all you have to do is pick it up at the pier when the boat come back.

yan from orlando - 11 years ago