Juana Díaz Nativity

Beautiful nativity replica montage in the town of Juana Díaz.

Description from the publisher

The Nativity created by Dr. Enrique Marrero has become a special attraction in Juana Díaz during the Christmas season. This beautiful Nativity made to scale is unique in Puerto Rico due it's size and originality. It has more than forty feet of little houses, cities, oceans and shepherds. Dr. Marrero, owner and creator of the Nativity of Juana Díaz creates the miniature buildings with old Israel architecture by hand using gypsum and fiber glass. The Nativity, located at his parents' home on Mariano Abril street in Juana Díaz, is open to the public that visit him to appreciate his abilities and learn a little more about the history of Christmas. For many years Dr. Marrero created nativity sets for his home. One day he decided to share with other people and opened it to the public to enjoy it with his visitors. Every year he starts his vacation in this season to start working on setting up the Nativity by the end of October. During the month of December he does nothing but care for it and show it to the public that visit him at his home.

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