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Five awesome movies filmed in Puerto Rico

Fast Five

The fifth installment on the ?Fast and Furious? saga, this movie which features Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Jonson and the whole Fast and Furious gang has earned over $210 million domestically and is one of the most successful movies on the franchise. Based in Brazil, the movie producers needed different spots that would fit in the description of the Brazil scenery.

One of those locations is the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. This 2.25 kilometer long bridge connects the Carolina bay and Isla Verde is most famous for being the location of the climatic finale in the movie. Other locations include the "Golden Mile" o "Milla de Oro" street where the amazing car chase at the end was filmed, the ?La Perla? slums that doubles as Brazil?s favelas, and many other spots around the San Juan area.

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