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Should you delay your Puerto Rico vacations? Experts say GO!

Travelers who have trips booked to Puerto Rico shouldn’t be concerned, said Olga Ramudo, president and CEO of Miami-based Express Travel. She said any negative repercussions of the financial crisis likely will not be immediately apparent.

“I wouldn’t change (my plans) if I had something planned for two weeks from now,” she said.

She said she expects tourists will weigh their options more carefully as they plan future vacations, though — and will likely reroute to the Dominican Republic, St. Martin, Aruba and Miami.

“Miami may benefit from it,” agreed John Cook, president of QuoteWright, a travel insurance comparison website headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. “I would suspect that if people are concerned about going to Puerto Rico, there are only two other warm places you can travel without a passport: That would be Miami and the Virgin Islands.”

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