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Family safe & friendly guided adventures Reef and remote beach exploring only your boat can reach. The only footprints are yours and your family! Sunset tours are perfect for young fiesta fun.

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Thank you and welcome aboard SVI's Culebra snorkel boat . We offer family friendly safe adventures for up to 6 people. Tours are 3-4 hours long and focus on dolphin & turtle spotting. Bird watching & beach hopping one of the out islands. Snorkeling the finest reefs with a professional guide, sober and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, and more. Families often prefer the morning tour. Afternoon-Sunset tours are ideal for young couples and the cerveza set. Please visit the about us section for more details. Tour area: Culebra Wildlife Refuge Reservations required 787-930-2111 $65. With our fast and comfortable power boat, your guide can get you safely to several reefs and deserted beaches during the half day tour. No need to worry about rip currents or stingray and sea urchin stings during entry and exiting the water. Plus... no walking. (unless of course you want to make footprints on an empty beach) Snorkel locations are in safe, sheltered areas protected by the Fish & Wildlife Department. They provide deep mooring bouys preserving the shallow reef below. Weather conditions are monitored by the captain and your vessel has triple redundant safety equipment. Morning tour - casts off around 11:00. Earlier by request. Afternoon-Sunset - 3:00 or 4:00. A short stop for adult beverges is approved or BYOB. Your tour includes tax, snacks, refreshments, mask,snorkel,fins, sharp professional guide, and more. Underwater disposable cameras are available. (they actually work great!) ZipLoc gallon freezer bags are a'plenty and free. Questions? Please call....or email...

How to get there

Check our website for ferry schedules to Culebra in the "Treasure Chest" links section. Flights leave from San Juan and Fajardo daily. Cost $27. each way. from FJA

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