Snorkel SVI - Culebrita Adventure Eco-Tour

Snorkel SVI - Culebrita Adventure is our only full day excursion and is it ever a beauty! This trip is a step back in time, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the Caribbean's past while exploring it's oldest lighthouse. 787-930-2111

Description from the publisher

Culebrita Island Full Day Isla Culebrita (little Culebra, little snake) is a small island off the eastern coast of Culebra, Puerto Rico at 18°18′N, 65°14′W and is part of the Culebra archipelago. Culebrita is a nature reserve and home of one of the oldest lighthouse in the Caribbean. This stunning island is only accessible by boat from the main island of Culebra. Culebrita is a coral island approximately 1 mile in length. Tidal pools trap small sea life at low tide. There are six beaches on Culebrita, the chief being Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach). The beach is named for the many sea turtles that use the beach for breeding grounds and the surrounding waters for grazing. The other two large beaches are Trash & Treasure Beach and West Beach. Trash & Treasure Beach is on the windward side of the island where wood or anything else that floats, gets blown onto the beach. There are also large tidal pools on the east side where one can lounge in the large therapy baths Ponce De Leon never found. The Culebrita Reef lays off the southern coast of the island and is home to some of the healthiest coral and eco-system in the Caribbean. Turtles and Dolphins are common in this area and make great subjects for photographers above and below the water. Underwater cameras are available on board. This is a very popular excursion so please make inquiries and reservations well in advance. 787-930-2111 $95. Departure time for the Culebrita Adventure is usually mid-morning but we're flexible. There are cold beverages, snorkel gear, sun block, everything you need included free. We recommend stopping by the local market before meeting the boat. Over the years we've learned that everyone has dietary preferences and/or restrictions that we prefer to leave up to the client. Plenty of cooler space with ice will be on hand for your food and beverages. Culebrita Adventure 787-930-2111

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We are located at the Ferry dock in downtown Culebra.

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