Light Tackle Adventure Tarpon Fishing

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle for Tarpon,Snook,Jacks,Lady fish,mangrove snapper and Barracudas. we depart from public pier in Boqueron Bay Cabo Rojo, close to Shamar Restaurant.

Description from the publisher

Boqueron bay In the West Coast of Puerto Rico offers you an untapped resource for outstanding tarpon action. It’s a place where flyrodding and light tackle reign supreme. The area is home to a significant population of year-round resident tarpon. Plenty of larger fish also ply the regions bays, lagoon and estuaries throughout the year. The big Tarpon are present, presumably to take advantage of the warmer waters and plentiful forage. I had the good fortune to call the flats my office for work . Cabo Rojo is a magnificent area to cast a streamer in front of hungry tarpon. I was presented with the options of casting to schools of feeding fish over vast shallow flats, working amongst entangled mangroves to pocket pools & tiny creeks with single fish, and working the magic of the river. There’s enough variety in this game to keep anyone engaged. A massive mangrove shoreline dominates the coastal habitat. Crystalline waters are the norm for the lower reaches as they empty into sweeping flats. On the other hand, rust-stained hues characterize the smaller quarters of the upper river and tiny creek habitats. The estuary habitat is superb; shallow sandy-bottomed grass beds, banks dominated by mangrove roots and green canopy. The entire region sports an average depth of two to ten feet overall. The dynamics provide you with a perfect window to sight-fish. The estuary’s open water affords fly fishers with 360 degrees of casting opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled – scan for dorsals & tails, breezing baitfish, or erupting water and instant mayhem. The flats are a casters dream situation. The longer you can cast a line, the better your chances of reaping the harvest. Everyone standing on the bow of the flat boat have the opportunity to cast your fly in front of the silver king. It’s an awesome place to explore. It’s darn productive for feeding fish. This place isn’t for the faint of heart however as you’ll be challenged in all aspects of your angling skills. You earn every fish that comes to hand. I love this game. Once the fly hit its mark a tarpon wouldn’t waste any time with their reaction. Puerto Rico is the “secret” hotspot just a few hours from any major airport in the US mainland. This is a fishery that makes for lifetime memories.

How to get there

Departure: Public Pier in Poblado de Boquerón, Cabo Rojo in front of Shamar Restaurant at 7.00am. From Northwest (mayaguez) take road # 2 to south. When pass Mayaguez (you'll see Mayaguez Mall at the left and Walgreens pharmacy at the right),turn to the right to take road #100 to Cabo Rojo. Then count 7 lights and turn to the right to road #101. At the end you'll find the Public pier in front of Shamar's restaurant.

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