Canales House Museum

Historic museum celebrating the history and development of the city of Jayuya.

Description from the publisher

The Canales house is located on the Coabey Valley, jurisdiction of Jayuya. The house is encircled by a mountainous landscape that includes the famous "Tres Picachos" or Three Hills mountain, which give the town's its distinctive and mezmerizing wonder. The house was built in the latter part of the 19th century by Don Rosario Canales Quintero, one of the founders and later first mayor of the town. Most importantly, it is where puertorircan figures Nemesio R. Canales and Blanca Canales were raised. Nemesio is considered a patriot of puertorrican culture, and in the 1950s along with his sister and other important figures such as Pedro Albizu organized the Jayuya Revolt. Today, the house hosts a variety of exhibits and offices for the investigation of the history and culture of the zone.

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