Dr. Juan A Rivero National Zoo

Located on the city of Mayaguez, its the only zoo on the island featuring animals from Africa, the Caribbean, and South America.

Description from the publisher

Get close and personal with the wild side of Puerto Rico and have a fantastic time with your family at the Mayaguez Zoo. The zoo is managed by the Compañia of Parques Nacionales. The zoo contains a nice selection of animals which are divided into two groups which are the African Forest and the African Savannah. The zoo was recently renovated and it is very well kept. It is almost like being at a tropical garden or jungle.

How to get there

Take Route 108 past the University, then turn right at the sign for the zoo

Last reviews


Very nice zoo. Had a wonderfull experience there. Would definetly recommend visiting it.…

Serafin from Hampshire, Illinois

"Very nice!"

The Mayaguez Zoo actually surpassed our expectations. Living in Puerto Rico, I have only been here once quite a few years ago. The zoo right now is a very good location with a great variety of animals and a nice environment. Actually it looked very clean and matained. A note of caution tho: make sure you go to the zoo in the morning. Most of the year it rains in the zoo, and if it rains and you are not able to enter the zoo you will not get your money back. About 30 seconds after we arrived at the zoo it started pouring, we didn't even make it pass the entrance, and we had to wrestle for a rain-check. So make sure you check your weather forecast before you go.…

PREXPLORE from Ponce, Puerto Rico