Ponce Letters

Five monumental letters that spell the name of the city in Ponce, on the intersection of roads PR 10 and PR 52.

Description from the publisher

The five monumental letters that read PONCE, located at the city entrance on the intersection of Roads PR 52 and PR 10, belong to ponceño artist Carlos Rivera Villafañe. This masterpiece is one of the winners out of 318 works of art suggested for the Public Art for Puerto Rico proyect contest, sponsored by the Deptartment of Transportation of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and by the ex-governor Sila María Calderón. Only 97 of the entries were selected. The letters are made out of corteen or marina steel, the same material used to build boats. Its dimensions are 20 feet of height by 18 feet long, and 12 feet thick. The workpiece has an approximated cost of $430,000.00. Itds design, manufacture and confection was done in Puerto Rico. In general, nearly $25 million were spent on the Public Art Proyect, giving new life to urban sites in 22 municipalities. The other winning piece in Ponce was received by artist Antonio Martorell and his work is located at the Enrique Gonzalez Park in the Ponce Bay.

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