Indian Face Sculpture

The face of a taíno indian sculpted on the rock wall on road 113 in Isabela.

Description from the publisher

One of the most relevant points of interest on the north-west side of the Island is the Taino Face. This sculpture, representing the face of a taíno indian, has been carved near the intersection of roads 113 and road 2, the major transportation vein between the north-north west of the Island. Hundreds of people pass by this inspiring representation of Puertorrican heritage and culture.

How to get there

To see the sculpture, simply drive towards Aguadilla from Arecibo on road 2. Take a right towards road 113. The sculpture is located on the north part of the intersection. There is no place to park, so you must observe the landmark from your car. You might want to attempt parking next to the sculpture and cross the street for a better picture view, but this is not reccommended due to heavy traffic often in the area.

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