Salty Dog Sailing

Sailing Catamaran navigating the east and north-east coast of the Island including Icacos and Palominito Islands.

Description from the publisher

If you are visiting Puerto Rico you must go sailing and enjoy the pleasures of the sea aboard Salty Dog our delightful 46 ft. Sailing Catamaran. Our Sailing Catamaran is designed to offer you a smooth & stable ride to Icacos, Lobos or Palomonitos Island. Embrace the warm tropical breeze while Sailing to one of Puerto Rico’s unspoiled islands off the coast of Fajardo. Wander the white sandy beaches, slip on a pair of fins and discover a colorful world of tropical fish in the crystal clear Caribbean waters with Snorkeling gear provided by our friendly bilingual crew.

Last reviews

"Awesome trip"

this snorkeling company was awesome. the captain was friendly, and the crew was amazing. they had us laughing the entire time. the food was great, and the drinks were good as well. there were a couple of people in our party who didn't know how to swim, and brian tried to help them do so so that they could snorkle. i would definetly use them again on my next trip and recommend them to anyone else.…

llewis from dallas, tx

"It was great!"

iT WAS AN AWSOME TRIP! i recomend this trip to anyone tha wants to relax and have a good time. the crew is people oriented and real pleaser on service to us. my drinking cup was never empty. You will need a designeted driver after this trip! GOOD JOB (SALTY DOGS)…