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Snorkel La Cordillera de Fajardo in Puerto Rico on a Private Boat Tour. *Snorkel up to 5 breathtaking coral reefs *Visit up to 3 uninhabited islands *Complimentary local beer and rum *Tours are custom tailored *Take a picture on Palominitos, the island where Pirates of the Caribbean and the Corona commercial were filmed!

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Boat and Snorkel: La Cordillera de Fajardo Snorkel, Cruise and discover uninhabited islands and reefs in the Caribbean on a private boat tour. Sit back and relax as your captain takes you on the most breathtaking tour available in Puerto Rico. Spend the day in an intimate setting with your loved ones, enjoying the privacy and exclusivity of a celebrity. Cruise to the pristine island of Palominito and swim in the turquoice waters that surround this island treasure. Your first stop is just a 15 minute cruise from Marina Puerto Chico where you depart from and is the coveted location where Johnny Depp filmed a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. From Lobos, you will take a 10 minute cruise to the island of Icacos and snorkel a breathtaking coral reef and its brilliant tropical fish. These islands are a perfect place to find Leatherback sea turtles, who travel across the world to lay their eggs on Puerto Rico's untouched beaches. For the expert snorkelers, ask your captain to take you to the 100 foot wall or the stingray habitat of Lobos. Cruising back to the marina, keep your eyes on the wake of the boat, because this is a dolphin's favorite place to play. Just when you think your adventure may be over, stepping off the boat at the marina you might also be lucky enough to find the Caribbean's most gentle giants, the Manatee. This tour includes lunch, snacks, refreshments, rum or champagne. The boat is equipped with professional snorkeling gear,beach mats and umbrellas.

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