Three Kings Museum

Exhibit of art about the Three Kings, a deep tradition of the town of Juana Díaz.

Description from the publisher

Inagurated in 2004, the Three Kings Museum House is the first thematical museum dedicated to the Three Kings, the historic characters that traveled from far lands in search of the messiah in Bethlehem. The inaguration of the museum coincided with the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Three King's Festival in the town of Juana Díaz. The Three Kings is a perpetual symbol of the town of Juana Díaz, from where it takes its second name: "The Bethlehem of Puerto Rico". This museum shelters and preserves the magic and tradition of the Three Kings, in homage to all juanadinos and puertorricans since its foundations in 1884.

How to get there

Take road #52 and exit the highway on exit 98A (Near the Ponce Letters). You will be on road #10 North. Keep your right, and exit through the first exit to your right. You will reach road #14 East. This road leads you to the Town of Juana Díaz and through several locations such as Comeré Restaurant, a Wal-mart with a Shopping Mall, and other locations. About 30 minutes, you will reach the town of Juana Díaz. Continue forward until you find a traffic light with a McDonald's restaurant. Continue driving ahead, you will find the Juana Díaz Public Plaza (a nice stop for ice cream). A few blocks ahead, you will find the Museum to your left.

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