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Three Kings Monument (Entrance)

Bronze monument of the Three Kings visible on the entrance of the city of Juana Díaz as you enter through Highway #52.

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Juana Díaz is probably the only place in the world with TWO monuments to the Three Wise Men or Three Kings. This monument was erected by the Municipal Administration in December 2000 next to the intersection of roads PR-149 and Luis A. Ferre Expressway. It was dedicated to several people that have contributed to the Three Kings Day tradition during its history. Its main plaque says: MONUMENT TO THE THREE KINGS Juana Díaz, a city commited with cultural development, erects the Monument to the Three Kings to the people that have maintained for decades so emotional significance, reason of joy for adults and children, who will transmit to future generations the tradition that for years has filled every juanadino with joy and enthusiasm. Being this, our town, the City of Poets and the Three Kings, this majestic monument rises to give continuity to these magnificent traditions that have been passed to other countries taking to their heart the magical joy of this celebration.

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